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What is Your Holdfast Anchored To?

kelp on a post from Holy in the Daily

One sport enjoyed by many on our Central Coast of California is scuba diving. Although the waters are often cloudy, the adventure of swimming through a giant kelp forest enlivens the senses when rays of sunshine shimmer through the leaf-like blades.

Kelp floats beautifully, but it actually has a root system called a “holdfast” anchoring it securely to the rocky bottom of the ocean. A scuba diver would have a difficult time uprooting the kelp. The leafy blades may come apart, but the root system stands firm. Kelp survives even when whipped about on stormy days because of its holdfast.

A friend of mine is currently experiencing the storms of life ripping and tearing at her home, job, and relationships. It is not a pretty sight as she struggles to maintain her emotional and mental equilibrium. Her storm will probably rage for many months, but I’m confident she’ll come out of it stronger, purer, and more beautiful than when the storm started—she secured the holdfast of her life many years ago for such a time as this. Her secure rock is Jesus.

Most of the things you anchor your soul to fail when the storms of life come raging. You may have a solid root system, but if it is tied to your job, reputation, money, family, or friends, survival is questionable. If Jesus is the rock to which your holdfast is attached, you’ll survive any storm that comes your way–or any scuba diver who yanks at your blades (see Matthew 7:24-27).

How have you survived the storms of life? To what is your holdfast anchored?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. mary

    I love the ocean and I love storms…just not the “emotionally rocking my world” kind :-). But this image you’ve painted in my imagination reminds me that beauty and strength are found (and created) often in the midst of storms. 😉 Thanks.

  2. moira

    Reminds me of Psalm 1…..
    Developing deep roots of faith is the only answer ….realizing that the roots of the Oak tree don’t grow in a day. How I deal with every situation and how much I trust God IN every situation is the only way I know, to encourage these roots to go down deep…so that when the storms of life DO hit me, I know how to respond.
    I’m constantly amazed by God’s logic….when He gives advice, it’s ALWAYS for MY good !!!

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