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Is Your Emotional Life Reflecting God’s Glory?

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Have you ever wondered what redeemed emotions might feel like? Redeemed emotions reflect God’s emotions. Scripture states that God loves, delights, laughs, weeps, rejoices, longs for us, and experiences jealousy and anger. Since we are created in God’s image, our emotions are a reflection of his—distorted because of sin, but available to be changed so they bring God glory.

For example, our need to control the future, a situation, or a person, comes from an emotional need to feel secure. When we feel insecure in any way, we tend to control through various means—avoidance, confrontation, and manipulation are a few that I’ve used. Yet, when we find our everyday security in Jesus, the emotional need to control diminishes, and God receives glory.

Most of our ungodly emotions are driven by unreality—we don’t fully see what God sees in a situation. We tend to live in a world defined by ourselves. God’s reality is much bigger.

For example, during a meeting a co-worker verbally attacks me in frustration concerning a seemingly simple problem. Later in talking with him, I discover he is having serious marriage issues. When I hear the bigger story behind his verbal attack, understanding informs my initial defense. I see a hurting individual rather than a potential enemy. Compassion replaces reactionary anger. Understanding and compassion can then direct my response–they reflect God’s glory in a way that defensive anger cannot.

Changing the way I perceive a person or a situation isn’t easy. I have to ask the Holy Spirit to give me insight, direction, and the heart of the Father. Only then do I find my emotions adjusting to reflect the One I follow.

It is these changes that bring God glory in the daily living of our lives. Someday we will experience a total range of godly emotions free from the imprint of sins done to us and sin we have done. But between that day and today we can begin to change, and in the changing, feel glorious moments of redeemed emotions.

Is your emotional life reflecting God’s glory—his emotions?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Laughwithusblog

    Ah those pesky emotions that reveal so much about us…about where are trust is…about where our thoughts are. I wish I could say yes to that last question…

  2. Susan Gaddis

    I wish my emotions weren’t so pesky, Esther, but they tend to give me away far too often. Learning to manage them is taking far longer than I wish. Heaven looks better and better!

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