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Truth and Nonsense about Worship

Let’s talk about worship. When I was about five years old a missionary told me that when I got to Heaven I would be a spirit without a body and resembling the air and clouds. Everyone would be like this, and all we would do is worship the Lord every moment. I knew he was wrong then, and I still believe so.

Worship is a whole spirit, soul, and body experience

Therefore, I know we will have bodies in Heaven. Peter, James, and John all recognized Moses and Elijah who showed up in bodies to talk with Jesus long after they were dead (see Matthew 17:1-10). I’m sure Moses and Elijah used their new bodies to worship when they stood on Heaven’s soil as well.

And that whole thing of sitting on clouds and playing harps that some folks think represents heavenly worship is all wrong too. Worship comprises everything we do all day long with our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Washing dishes can be a worship experience if I am scrubbing with a right heart attitude and doing so as “unto the Lord.”

Let’s talk about worship in Heaven…

Why would Heaven be any different? You can sit on a cloud and play a harp if you so choose, but I intend to hang out with Jesus, explore my new location, and in every second I will be worshipping him with my whole heart. And yes, I will also participate in the group worship sessions because from the descriptions I read of them in the book of Revelation, they are off the charts!

Worship isn’t reserved for someday in Heaven. God is more than awesome right here on earth. Jeremy Sizemore, our pastor who facilitates worship at Father’s House, says that our corporate worship is practice for Heaven.

I agree.

Even though washing dishes can also be practice for worship in Heaven, finding daily time to give my whole spirit, soul, and body to God in worship—my undivided focus—is something I need to practice more.

Worship the Lord with your full focus at least once a day. He deserves it.

—so says #6 on my New Year’s resolution list.

Will you feel comfortable with worship in Heaven—like it is something you have been preparing for your whole life? How do you give your full focus to God in worship on a daily basis?

(By the way, I capitalize Heaven because it is a specific name of a specific location. If this troubles you, I’ll add you to my list of favorite grammar critics.)

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Ben

    You made some great points (cool blog design by the way). I too think that while we may have different bodies in heaven, they will still be recognizable and not invisible spirit-type bodies.

    I think a lot of Christians have this odd misconception that we will sit on clouds all day humming to God or something. In reality, I think we will be just as active as we are here on Earth.

    I think the New Earth will be kind of like what the Garden of Eden was supposed to be like before the fall.

    Some people even think we won’t know each other in heaven, which is even more bizarre. My wife’s grandfather thinks we may not know each other, regardless of how many times I have tried to point out scriptures that show otherwise.

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