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It’s Time to Get to Know Your Invisible Bridegroom

An invisible bridegroom? You betcha! I have always found it interesting that angels were not chosen to be the object of God’s affection—his bride.

I know that sounds really theological, but isn’t it amazing that God chose you and me to become the bride of his Son and not the angels?

That’s off-the-charts love, because I don’t obey like the angel Gabriel. I don’t war like the angel Michael. I don’t really have much to offer in a relationship with the Eternal God.

Question time

  • How do you get to know someone you can’t see—someone who isn’t here like other people are here?
  • How do you grow in relationship with this Prince who is invisible?
  • How do you have shared experiences?
  • How do you learn to love like he loves?

It’s hard enough growing in relationship with someone I can see, let alone someone I can’t!

Journal time with your invisible bridegroom

I have found that the most basic avenue for getting to know this invisible God is through reading his love letter—his journal—otherwise known as the Bible. After all, this God/man Jesus is the Word made Flesh.

He was there at the beginning of time and it was he who spoke the world into existence (see John 1:1-3).

Back then the Trinity was known as the Father, Spirit, and Word. Eventually, the spoken Word became flesh and blood and lived among us (see John 1:14).

We call this God’s-Word-in-a-body man, Jesus. When he returns for his bride he will be wearing a robe with his name written on it: “Word of God” (see Revelation 19:13).

Experience time with your invisible bridegroom

Shared experiences come as the Word begins to stir things up in me. Jesus stated that his words were spirit and they were life (see John 6:63).

That means that Scripture never lies dormant within me. It has a job description—to feed my spirit, give me life, and connect me to Jesus.

I also know that the promises revealed in Scripture have the power to change me into the bride that God finds so irresistible (see 2 Peter 1:4).

The divine nature is imparted to me as I meditate on his promises and trust that they will be fulfilled in my life. That translates into praying the promises and experiencing growth and relationship with the One who answers prayer.

Quiet time with your invisible bridegroom

The fifth item on my New Year’s resolution list reads, “Read God’s Word. You will be spending eternity future with the Word Made Flesh, so get to know him through his written Word.”

Memorization and meditation on the Scriptures is a priority for me this year. A world of possibilities opens up to experience the Living Word if I’m willing to invest myself in his written Word.

I want lots of memories and spiritual snapshots in my engagement scrapbook. (We are engaged you know. It happened a long time ago at a Cross, but that’s another story.)

How’s your love life with Jesus going? How do you experience the Word of God as Jesus alive and living in you?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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