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What’s the Theme of Your Song?

sheet of music on What's the Theme of Your Song post at Holy in the Daily
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I enjoy all kinds of music, from soft jazz to classical. Cooking dinner isn’t the same without some sort of music to match my mood of the moment. Recently I came across a statement that confirmed what I already suspected: “Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge” (Psalm 119:54 NIV).

No matter where you are, a place becomes a home when music that reflects the Scriptures permeates the atmosphere. I enjoy the soft flow of quiet worship music as it lingers in the background of my office when I’m counseling. Walking through the house and hearing my son worshiping with his guitar makes my heart sing. I missed out on talent when it comes to singing, but I’ll sing along with him.

We often played the latest kid’s worship CDs when our children were young. As they became teens their worship music evolved too. With six kids this meant that we might have all different kinds of music playing throughout the house. I finally enjoy a wide range of my own CDs as most of the kids are now grown and gone, but my favorite is the modern hymns written by Keith and Kristyn Getty—they often carry a Celtic sound and always center on the words of Scripture.

Since God is the creator of music, a good deal of music reflects some part of his character and nature. Thankfully, new technology provides many ways to bring such music into our homes. Soft jazz often accompanies dinner unless my husband is playing his 60s favorites on Pandora. The Beach Boys may not be considered traditional worship music, but if it brings a smile to our face and a thankful heart, it is music that brings God closer.

Still, there needs to be a place in my home for music that finds a theme in Scripture, and I believe I have found a good balance.

What types of music do you listen to at your home? Is Scripture the theme of your song? What have you been listening to today?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Alan A

    Susan, music has always intertwined itself in my life and it remains the same with my children. Music we make is right there along with music that we listen too around the home. I often break out in singing about what is on my mind and am a firm advocate of unplanned spontaneous music.

    This can sometimes be anoying so we limit these spontaneous musical expressions to the home.

    However, you will hear music of many different flavours at the Alexander home so on any given day or week the style may be completely different than before. I bring home music of my life to my kids and they eat it up. They are exploring the music of my life with gusto. Of course, they have their own music of today and a lot of that is heard. I can never listen to the same music for long; don’t want to burn out and also all of the music waiting to be expored is calling to me.

    I consider music one of the essential elements of a full Godly life.

    It is obvious that God created music and I love most of it that I have heard.

  2. Daniella

    The Indie home is always filled with lots of kid noise, but my favorite sounds are my kids singing their little songs. They aren’t always spiritual worship songs, but their happy little voices tripping along off-key always makes me smile. Yesterday, 3-year-old Hannah had crawled into 1-year-old Josh’s crib and was singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” to him, as he lay quietly smiling at her song. It brought tears to my eyes and gratefulness to my heart for the tiny blessings in my life!

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, Alan–and you too, Dani. Your comments made my day!

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