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How to Spiritually Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

snow on a home for a post on how to spiritually prepare for the holidays at Holy in the Daily

Preparing your home for the holidays involves more than just cleaning and cooking. Creating a place of warmth and hospitality happens as much in the spirit realm as it does in the physical.

Since I have a large house and a huge family, my guest room is getting a quick cleaning before guests arrive for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I’m setting a little welcome card on the dresser:

“Come to a warm place in this house. Come in the name of Christ. My heart and I agree, welcome in the name of the Lord.”

This prayer is one of my favorites, written hundreds of years ago by Brigid of Kildare (c. 450—523). I sometimes use her prayers to pray as I walk through my house before guests arrive. Such prayers also provide a creative way for children to help prepare the home and hearts for the festivities. Just write the following prayers out on cards and together pray through your home.

In the center of your home

“May God give His blessing to the house that is here. God bless this house from roof to floor, from wall to wall, from end to end, from its foundation and in its covering. In the strong name of the Triune God: all evil be banished, all disturbance cease, captive spirits freed, God’s Spirit alone dwell within these walls. Amen.”

In the doorway of your home

“May all be welcomed here, friend and stranger, from near and far. May each be blessed and honoured as they enter. Christ, in our coming and in our leaving, the Door and the Keeper; for us and our dear ones, this day and every day, blessings for always. Amen.”

In the living room of your home

“There is a friend’s love in the gentle heart of the Saviour. For love of Him we offer friendship and welcome every guest. Lord, kindle in my heart a flame of love to my neighbor, to my enemies, my friends, my kindred all, from the lowliest thing that liveth to the name that is highest of all.”

In the bedrooms of your home

“May God the Father be the guardian of this place and bring His peace, that fear may find no entry here. May Christ be a chosen companion and friend. May loneliness be banished. May the Spirit bring lightness and laughter, and be the comforter of tears. Courage be at each going out; rest be present at each return; each day, each night, each going out and each returning. Amen.”

You can find more prayers of Brigid of Kildare in Celtic Daily Prayer (see the side bar).

Today’s question: what do you do to spiritually prepare your home for the holidays?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Alan A

    Awesome prayers Pastor Susan! I love them!

    I heard Christmas Music eminating from Averys’ room a few days ago and it woke me up to the coming holidays.

    I have also started playing my favorite Christmas songs; What Child is This and Silent Night.

    Christmas Music always ushers in the holidays for me.

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