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How Do You Incorporate God’s Word into Your Family Life?

Did you know that there are only two things we can take to heaven—our relationships with other believers and the Word of God that has been engrafted in our hearts?

This week I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook the question, “How do you incorporate God’s Word into your family life?”

I loved the responses the women gave me and  thought that grandparents, as well as parents, could use their suggestions when the grandkids come to visit.

Here are some of their responses:

Natalie Snapp: “Memory verse each week—displayed on a tile in kitchen. We also have daily devotionals and we talk about how we have seen God each day. We also practice our verse while driving. I just try to fit it in everywhere. Change into a song while brushing teeth, etc.” Twitter: @mommyonfire

Becky Webb: “Reading before bedtime to the kids, having Scripture around the house, and acting it out in daily life.” Twitter: @beckyjwebb

Mary Christine Weber: Homeschooling the kids definitely makes it easier to find structured teachable moments. We begin each morning with a devotional and prayer; then, throughout the day, we look for opportunities where we can see the Lord moving in common (or sometimes uncommon) ways in the orchestrations of life. In the evening we enjoy reading time together. However, as much as I value the importance of reading and teaching and memorizing, I believe it’s the “teachable” moments that bring the head knowledge to heart. Twitter: @mchristineweber

Melody Bates Ward: “We have the kids in our kid’s Junior Bible Quiz team. We write Scripture for our handwriting class, and we talk through problems with God’s Word as the centerpiece of truth.”

Daniella Martinez Indie: “I read a chapter of the Bible and drill verses with my kids while they eat breakfast, since I generally eat earlier.” Twitter: @danimamma

Melissa Chavez: “Throughout the day-to-day is the common application. The homeschooler in me calls them ‘teachable moments.” It might be more accurate to say, ‘There’s an app for that.’ (or is that passe’?)”

Sue Roscoe: “Every morning we read and discuss a Bible chapter together. Then, as we see life happening around us, we make the scriptural observation that pertains. We pray together at meal times, pray together before bed, pray for each other as needs arise, and pray for those around us.”

Tom and I felt so strongly about engrafting the Word of God into the hearts of our children that we wrote four Family Discipleship Manuals.

You can check them out on my Resources page. Just click on the cover of a book for details and the option of reading a lesson from any of the four books.

Now it’s your turn: How do you incorporate God’s Word into your family life? Just share your tips in the comment section below. We’d love to learn from your example.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Christin

    I love your set up here, Susan! 🙂 This was such a helpful post. The one I like most, I think, is asking the children how they saw God throughout the day. This would be an excellent dinner question every night! I really think it would help us remain perceptive to how God is around us all the time. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Susan Gaddis

    Thanks for the encouragement, Natalie. I appreciate it. It always amazes me how much encouragement lifts our hearts and motivates us to keep going. Your words brought a smile to my face and heart.

    Christin, your idea of asking at dinner how the children saw God throughout the day adds gracious accountability to the process. I love it! Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll add it to my little bag of insights gleaned from friends.

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