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Awesome Visual History of Thanksgiving and More!

I wanted my kids to be well informed about each holiday we celebrated, and Thanksgiving was no exception. Each November I would pull out the “T” encyclopedia and at least six books that covered the details of the Thanksgiving tradition.

As a family with six kids, we had a book for every age.

I still love our Thanksgiving books and at least a few remain on my bookshelf. The rest have been “borrowed” by my adult kids for enjoying with their children in the threading of the generations.

Although the Internet will never take the place of a good book, there are resources available there that I wish I had when we were homeschooling. I thought you might enjoy a few short video clips—very well made by the folks at History.com—on the history of Thanksgiving. So gather the family around and pull up your laptop for a quick history lesson.

Thanksgiving and the Mayflower trip

How many people were on the Mayflower and how long did it take them to get to Plymouth? Watch Deconstructing the Mayflower to get the visual facts.

Thanksgiving, football, shopping, and family

Ever wonder how football and shopping got mixed in with turkey and gravy? Watch this short clip covering the first Thanksgiving, why it became a national holiday, where the traditions of turkey, football, and shopping originated, and the importance of family gatherings: History of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanksgiving and turkey

How to cook a turkey in minutes—the lowdown on deep frying a turkey—ya gotta try this!

Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie

What would Thanksgiving be without our national dessert? Get the history and current facts on pumpkin pie.

I hope your Thanksgiving is full of family, good food, memories, and, most of all, Jesus. May the Giver of All Good Things be the welcomed guest at your table this Thanksgiving.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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