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Avalon Weber in her thinking place at Holy in the Daily

Where Do You Go For Thinkin’ Time?

Thinkin’ time is a lost art. Our culture is so busy that solitude and silence often equal boredom. Folks just don’t know what to do with themselves unless they are working, talking, or being entertained.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “Let him who cannot be alone beware of community.”

My ability to be a contributing force in my family and faith community depends on times of quiet introspection and processing my life before the Lord. Who I am becoming is really hammered out in the stillness, not in the noise.

I am a person who needs huge doses of silence and reflection. Without it, I become a crabby woman–successful on my job as far as getting tasks accomplished, but a failure at doing things in a life giving manner.

My altar consists of a cup of coffee, my couch, the early morning sunrise, and a huge picture window. It is there that I do my thinking before the Lord; where we hash over the attitudes that need adjusting and the actions that need repentance.

Granddaughter Avalon uses the underside of her tree fort. Someday the tree will be too difficult to climb and the bark too rough to lean against. But I hope her heart has learned the value of building an altar where she can think in solitude and silence.

Where do you go for thinkin’ time?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

(This post is a reprint of my 7/23/09 Sabbath and Sabbatical post, “Thinkin’ Time.”)

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Char

    My tea in one hand and my Bible, notebook and pencil bag in the other, I camp on my recliner in my couch and think away. I agree with you, that if we do not take time to think, or tank up, we don’t have anything to give out! Others have called this meditation; thinking on the Lord is the only productive kind of meditation since all other becomes to be just about self -what do they call it?- navel gazing, that’s it.

  2. Angela Rayher

    Hi Susan, I go (like Avalon) under my oak tree, but on a hammock. There I can look up into the heavens and the only thing possible to think of is the Lord. (I find that inside my house I look around at the things I need to do). I love my secret place that I go to be with HIM.

  3. Priscilla Acilia

    Revisiting where Apostle Paul ministered, sitting in an ancient cathedral, sitting under an olive or umbrella tree – I like. Quiet places are pleasant places to be. With tablet in hand, I write what the Lord Jesus impresses upon my spirit.

  4. Beth Piepenburg

    I take every opportunity available. Yardwork or dishes is a contemplative time. Also, when I’m driving alone is a time. Showering or bathing. Evening time by my computer with something to drink. (My computer is loaded with Bible and tools.)

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