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What’s in Your Hall of Fears?

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The season of haunted houses, horror stories, and the local youth center Hall of Fears is upon us. For the next several weeks it will be hard to find anything on TV that doesn’t contain a Halloween theme. Unfortunately, many of us carry a Hall of Fears around inside our souls, which prevents us from fulfilling our God dreams.

In Monday’s post, Don’t Miss Out on Life!, we talked about God’s dream DNA within us. Yet, many don’t see those dreams becoming reality. What keeps you from your dreams? What keeps you from fulfilling God’s unique desire for destiny that belongs to only you?

What’s in your Hall of Fears?

Can you relate to any of the following debilitating fears?

  • Fear of not being able to identify your dream.
  • Fear of being wrong or making a mistake. It is only when we are wrong that we can begin to notice what needs adjusting.
  • Fear of rejection. Rejection is a part of fulfilling a dream. If Jesus had to deal with it, should we expect less?
  • Fear of taking a risk.
  • Fear of leaving other important things undone.
  • Fear of not having the information and knowledge needed to achieve your dreams. Who does? The whole idea of pursuing a dream means that we have a lot to learn in the journey.
  • Fear of being overwhelmed–you lack time to follow your dream because of other commitments. Examine your priorities to see where your dream fits. Then set some new boundaries and organize your time to include pursuing your dream.
  • Fear of failure. This is a possibility, but being willing to try and willing to fail is a part of becoming the person God has called you to be.
  • Fear of work, because fulfilling a dream will take more work than you can expect.
  • Fear that no one in your particular situation can fulfill a dream.

Which of the above dream killers are in your Hall of Fears?

All of God’s heroes started out with a Hall of Fears that had to be renovated by God, and you are no different. Identifying the things you fear constitutes the first step forward in achieving your God dreams. Without identification, the fears cannot be addressed and challenged.

Get into the mood of the season by identifying what’s in your Hall of Fears. It might not be as scary as you think and you’ll probably discover the motivation to move forward into your dream. Then share with us the fear you are learning to overcome so you can obtain the dream God has given you.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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