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Are You Comfortable Sitting in God’s Lap?

The other day as I nestled my bum in the corner of our comfy couch, my granddaughter, Paisley, approached me with a book. Speaking in her authoritative little two-year-old voice she demanded, “Is that your grandma  seat?”

Not sure why I was being interrogated, I replied, “Yes, this is my grandma seat.” Paisley promptly approved the arrangement and handed me her book as she climbed up to my lap.

Memories of my aging dad watching TV as he sat in his old, white armchair flashed through my mind. I realized that to be a grandma I had to have an official seat, and my usual place on the couch qualified. I had passed the grandma test.

Structure and routine help a child feel safe and, as a child of God, I am no different. Hebrews 4:16 tells me that I am to approach God’s throne with confidence. His throne location and my willingness to come to him on a regular basis provide the structure and routine my soul craves. It is in the Father’s lap that I find the grace needed to live the life he has given me.

God has an official seat where he regularly invites you to climb up onto his lap. Perhaps your memories of your parents or grandparents make this an easy adventure—perhaps not.

  • Whose lap do you remember climbing up on, and how has that influenced your willingness to approach the throne of grace with confidence?
  • If you have no such memory,  how has that affected your willingness to approach God’s throne?
  • What legacy are you leaving in the memories of your children and grandchildren that might affect their willingness to climb up on God’s lap?

Hard questions, but I would love to hear your answers.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Kathy Nutt

    Interesting – I had never thought about being reluctant to sit in God’s lap and approaching the throne of Grace. My dad was never approachable – I was not allowed to sit on his lap as a child. In fact, we were to be seen as children and not heard. I think maybe at times I am reluctant to approach my Father God, when I think He will not approve of my actions, thoughts, or questions. But if I think of my grandmother who was the main influence in my life until I started school – I feel a sense of peace and acceptance. She always loved me unconditionally and corrected me lovingly. Your teaching brings life and understanding! Thank you!

  2. Rachel

    I don’t have many memories of sitting on anyone’s lap. Although, I must have, considering we have pictures to prove it–me sitting on my dad’s lap with his arms around me securely. Sadly, though, I remember clearly when I was 6 years old, he finally told me I was too heavy to sit on his lap (I have been an overweight kid), so that was the end of it for me. I have a hard time imagining me sitting on God’s lap, of all people. I can imagine Him sitting on His throne and me standing facing him. I feel like it is too aggressive to imagine me up on His actual lap. But how I long for that kind of intimacy. I would love for Him to hold me on His lap, with His arms tightly hugging me and Him looking at me intently with delight. Would God really have that kind of affection for me? Is that too presumptuous?

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Oh, Rachel. your note brought tears to my eyes. YES, Jesus really does love you beyound belief, and the Father so wants to hold you in His lap. That is not presumptuous at all! If He died for you, He has no problem holding you… in fact, that’s why He died and rose again… so He could hold you forever and ever. And He would do it all over agan even if you were the last person on earth because He loves you so much! I’m praying that you’ll find that intimate connection you so long for with him.

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