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Honoring the Life God Has Given You

Recently I visited my cousin Polly and stepped into the spacious bathroom that once belonged to Grandma Chris. Close by was Grandpa Ivan’s bathroom—connected by a little room where the toilet reigned. The scent of lavender was gone, but since Polly lives in this old adobe ranch house, she has maintained the rustic, yet rich, feel of the 50 year old place.

Grandma’s bathroom caught my attention because it instantly brought back memories of how Grandma honored herself and the life she had been given. This bathroom was totally hers. One of my favorite memories is taking a bubble bath with lavender soap and scrubbing my nails with her little nail brush. I haven’t seen one of those nail brushes in years, but there was always one at Grandma’s, and you always scrubbed your nails while taking a lavender bubble bath.

I’ve thought a lot about honor after having celebrated 35 years of ministry in the same church and honoring the lives of my parents as each transitioned from earth to Home. We tend to honor other people with appropriate cards and gifts at certain times of the year and especially at their death. But how often do we take the time to honor ourselves and the life God has given us?

red rose on a gray toned face of a lovely girl at Holy in the Daily

I’m not talking about excuses for self indulgence or vanities, but simple, honest ways of honoring the special gifts that God has placed within the life we each live and the person we have become. When we honor something about ourselves, we are saying, “This is good about me and my life. I’m going to take care of it, treasure it, and enjoy it. Thank you, Lord, for creating me.”

I honor who I am by getting my hair cut and colored. I’ve always been a red head and have decided that I will follow my mother’s lead and get my hair done on a regular basis. My mother never missed her weekly appointment with the hair dresser until the week she died. She was the softest, sweetest, little old silver haired woman I’ve ever known.

So, being thankful for the head of hair I have, I keep a regular monthly appointment with my awesome hair stylist, Kris. In this way, I honor the God who gave me something special—my hair. (And yes, I do know that someday I will have to switch to gray, but that time has not yet come.)

My husband, Tom, heads to the gym three times a week. Sometimes he swims. Often he endures the treadmill and weights. This ritual is one of his ways to honor the life God has given him.

How do you honor who you are and the life God has given you? What is there about your life that says, “This is good about me. I’m going to take care of it, treasure it, and enjoy it”? What will your grandchildren remember about the way you honored the person God created you to be and the life you lived as a result?

Your thoughts, answers, comments and lavender soap are encouraged. Leave the former in the comment section below and save the lavender soap for my next birthday.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Daniella

    As a busy mom, I rarely get a chance to REALLY take care of myself, but on the weekends, I sure do love to do my whole beauty routine from the bubble bath to the makeup and hair. We don’t have anywhere to go, it’s just Saturday morning, but that once a week, I remember that I’m not just mom, teacher, house slave 🙂 but I’m also a beautiful woman who is somehow made in God’s image. Thanks for encouraging me to remember that truth! 😀

  2. Lilly Green

    Honoring yourself gets all mixed up with fears of being prideful and also deep insecurities. But this is a good reminder to love ourselves in a healthy way so we will be fit to love God and others. How do I take care of myself? Mmm. Juicing and exercising for health, taking an on-line class, and getting a nice haircut to hopefully camoflage the fact that I am going back to au naturel! 🙂

  3. moira

    Well, I am absolutely hopeless at the ‘pamper’ thing….for myself that is…..pampering others is a different story….
    So I’m not the best person to ask about this one!!!!

    However, being an attractive ‘poster child’ for God’s goodness, mercy, love and grace on a daily basis is my contribution to honouring the life that God has given me.

    Even though I try to look my best, and make the most of what God has blessed me with…..being grateful and spreading the joy of knowing Him is my most favourite pastime….wherever I go and to whomever I meet….
    I just want to be ‘infectious’ !!!!!

    I don’t know any other way to live….but it’s taking a lifetime of learning !!!!!!

  4. Char

    Susan, as always, this is great stuff.
    Ladies, I am inspired by your comments to keep pushing.

    As I get older (nearing 65, “retirement age” HA!), it is harder to keep myself “looking good”.
    –Lately I’ve been rejecting the sweets and cookies and working on a more healthy diet.
    –I’ve started walking again . . . don’t want to suffer the effects of old age diseases my family seemed to succumb to when they became ill.
    –Writing more, just to keep my brain nimble.
    –Working hard on dwelling in the shelter/secret place of the Most High. Being easily distracted continues to be enemy number one in my spiritual life, huh, and in other areas, too.
    –While I am there before the Lord I will again ask Him for wisdom for how I can honor Him by honoring myself and what He has given me. I have sorta slouched lately . . . .

    Thanks for this pep-talk, Susan.
    I will to honor my God with who I am, His creation!

  5. Susan Gaddis

    How diverse each of your comments are, ladies—giving us a window into your lives and a look at the person God has created each of you to be. Such richness is in your comments that I found myself wanting to add all your experiences to my plate, but realized that one of the reasons we are each unique and special is because of our diversity. Thank you for sharing and for expanding my vision. I hope I grow up to be just like each of you in some way.

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