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What Simple Pleasure Marks Your Life as Good?

teapot in a Holy in the Daily post

A Chinese legend tells of a group of elderly, cultured gentlemen who met often to exchange wisdom and drink tea. Each host tried to find the finest and most costly varieties, to create exotic blends that would arouse the admiration of his guests.

When it came the turn of the most venerable and respected of the group to entertain, he served his tea with unprecedented ceremony, measuring the leaves from a golden box. The assembled connoisseurs praised this exquisite tea.

The host smiled and said, “The tea you have found so delightful is the same tea our peasants drink. I hope it will be a reminder to all that the good things in life are not necessarily the rarest or the most costly.”

I don’t know about you, but I find more contentment sitting on our deck enjoying good conversation and ice water with my husband than I do a night out at a fancy restaurant. Fancy parties are fun and I enjoy them, but the simple pleasures with those I love carry the warmest memories for me.

What simple pleasure marks your life as good?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Karen

    Ahhh…..the favorite part of my day is very simple. Early in the morning when the family is all still asleep, I make a cup of coffee and curl up on the couch to read my Bible. So simple, but so essential for my well being.

  2. Jeanette Morris

    I’m basking in one of my favorite simple pleasures right now! RV Camping in Bridgeport CA. Love standing by a high-mountain stream, pretending to fish, just enjoying the fresh air and beauty.

  3. Cathy Davis

    Sitting in the yard of my own home with myself, Brad and/or friends. Nothing like those moments when there are no requirements of you and you can sink deeply within yourself and be true to what you find there….a glass of wine isn’t bad when added to the mix either.

  4. Susan Gaddis

    Sherry Johnson sent me this lovely comment in response to this post via email:
    I just came inside from a walk down into our pastures where I moved fences to let our sheep onto fresh grass. I spent a good 20 minutes just watching them as they explored the lushness of the new area and watched the lambs trying to follow their moms through the long grass.

    It makes me grateful for the knowledge that the Lord moves me into fresh pasture also and lovingly watches me as I take delight in what He has provided.

  5. Hillary

    I love that legend, what a wonderful lesson! Simple pleasures for me are watching the sun set, enjoying tea, a pastry and a book at breakfast, or telling stories and jokes around the dinner table.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      You’re comment made me smile, Hillary. I love enjoying my tea and a book with a breakfast of hot cereal and fruit. So simple, yet it brings a calm to the beginning of my day.

  6. Gina B

    Making my daughter laugh. She’s 9 and has autism. Up until around 3 years old, mostly what she did was cry, tantrum and bang her head. I wasn’t frustrated so much as broken hearted to see all that pain. With lots of intervention, prayer and thinking outside the box, God helped us free her from that. Turns out, she has a happy nature and loves to be tickled and giggle. Nothing warms my heart more than our good nights, in which prayer time turns into “Mommy must make Zoe laugh time.” Oh my sweet girl, I am honored to oblige! 🙂

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Oh Gina, you always seem to wrap your comments into such a visual joy. I can picture you and Zoe laughing. And again, you are one of my heroes for the grace I see in how you handle your unexpected life. How blessed is Zoe to have you.

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