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Walking To a Broken World

How do we become God’s feet walking to a broken world? Bard and Chrystal, one of the couples at church, came up with the simple idea of putting together lunch bags containing water bottles and pre-packaged snack foods donated by different families from church.

On the way out of church, we can grab a few of these bags to keep in our car. During the week, we can give them out to those ever present folk with the “I need food” signs standing at the off-ramps in our local community.

This is just one more way to incorporate the Holy into our daily.

What small thing can you do to touch a broken world?

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In Him together, Susan Gaddis


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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Donna

    Great idea! What I have been doing is buying $5.00 gift cards from McDonalds and keeping them in my purse.
    I love how you find great videos that tie in with your posts, Susan.

  2. mary

    I love their idea. And, Donna, yours is super cool too!!!

  3. Susan Gaddis

    I agree with Mary, Donna. Great idea about keeping a McDonalds gift card handy to give to the homeless when needed.

  4. Cathy Davis

    Not that all acts of mercy and justice need to be simple, or can be, but what a great way to always be ready to show mercy. I appreciate you all that see social justice as not a once a year event but an ongoing lifestyle. I believe that is one of the things that has been a roadblock to Christians doing acts of justice. We teach to wait for a big event that is planned by the church and then when the event is over we feel we have fulfilled the call.
    Social justice must inclued both large events with the goal of changing systems and everyday acts of caring and giving of dignity.

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