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See How Easily You Can Change Someone’s Day for the Better

Perspective newspaper on a Holy in the Daily blog post

It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day for the better.

I don’t remember where I first heard this tale, but the story is told of a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet and a sign that read: “I am blind, please help.”

A creative publicist was walking by and stopped to observe. He saw that the blind man had only a few coins in his hat. He dropped in more coins and, without asking for permission, took the sign and rewrote it.

He returned the sign to the blind man and left. That afternoon the publicist came back to the blind man and noticed that his hat was full of bills and coins.

The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if it was he who had rewritten his sign and wanted to know what he had written on it.

The publicist responded: “Nothing that was not true. I just wrote the message a little differently.” He smiled and went on his way.

The new sign read: “Today is spring and I cannot see it.”

How can you infuse a little of the Holy into someone’s world today?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. cheryl pellew

    people who are natural carers forget how much of an impact they make on someones life when they care for them. Even a simple sms or phone call can change someones life who is battling and feels alone in the world

  2. Susan Gaddis

    That is so true, Cheryl. We do forget that something very simple can impact someone very much. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. moira

    I literally THRIVE on bringing a smile, a hug, an encouraging word or whatever is appropriate to anyone and everyone I meet !!!! I think it’s my ‘calling’ to share my gratitude to God with whoever needs it or wants it!!!!!
    I’ve discovered this since Jim died, and enjoy every opportunity during the daily ‘grind’, to make someones’ day better. It’s not a ‘Moira’ thing….it’s truly a ‘God’ thing!!!!!!
    It’s positively exhilarating!!!!

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