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Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Approach to Life

Having a hard day? Life isn’t always fair or easy, but changing your perspective can change how you approach life. Grab the Kleenex and learn from someone who knows–Patrick Henry Hughes.

Patrick teaches me to be thankful for what I have and to use what God has given me for His glory! Focusing on the negative will not move me forward.

What are you doing with the gifts and talents given to you by God? What did the Spirit Holy drop into your spirit as you watched this short clip?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

To learn more about Patrick Henry and his new book, I Am Potential, click here.

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Jeanette Morris

    Oh yeah…cuts right to the chase, doesn’t it? I enjoyed this “sequel” to the earlier YouTube on Patrick Henry. I didn’t know he had written a book. Right now I’m asking myself…what’s your excuse, Jeanette? God birthed gifts in you as well, but they are all just toddlers running amuck. Maybe I should just close my eyes (figuratively speaking) to the obstacles I perceive and get with it.

  2. Mary

    I’m with Jeanette (love your “toddlers running amuck” phrasing).

    Also, this post immediately took me back to your earlier post this week (or was it last week?) on God Gossip. It really IS all about focus, isn’t it…

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Ya know, “toddlers running amuck” are often postitive in their focus, don’t you think? Heehee And yes, I do think it is all about focus–we become like that on which we focus. Whatever I give attention to becomes “big” in my life–either positive “big” or negative “big.” Guess we had better choose wisely.

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