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Why Flawed People Have It Right

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My flaws and bloopers would score high on a weekly sitcom. Like others, my personality lacks many positive traits, yet my defects are what attract the grace of God to my life.

God is not condemning you for your bloopers—he is using your flaws to jump-start his workings of grace in your life. Grace is God’s avenue for transferring all his perfection, power, authority, favor, and forgiveness to you.

This grace was brought to planet earth through Jesus Christ and contains the power to transform and teach you all you need to know to live a godly life (see John 1:17 and Titus 2:11-12).

God’s grace is not earned through any action on your part. It is a gift freely given to flawed folks like you and me. In fact, you can’t even feel the transformation as it happens—but the results are amazing! The parts of you that you are blind to, or unable to fix, change as you live out your days simply because God has infused you with his grace.

“Grace does not demand perfection or provide a measurement for it. It brings perfection—the perfection of the Blood of The Lamb. It invites us to relax in His forgiveness and to assimilate His nature rather than to attempt to perform for others.

Grace releases us from a performance oriented portrayal of perfection, giving us instead, His acceptance as we are. It is a heart thing! The results may be seen by those around us, but in grace we do not see the change as an accomplishment because we are too focused on Him to see ourselves.” –Pastor Dave Fritsch in Dimensions of Grace

The outtakes on your life may advertise your humanity, but they also attract God’s grace. Can you relax in your flaws and know that grace has already made you perfect?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. marcie

    Susan, I used to be so bound up in my worries of my imperfections. God continues to work His amazing freedom in so many of these imperfect areas of my life. As He brings me along on this journey of mine, I watch and see Him actually use my imperfections and weaknesses to show how beautiful and wonderful He is! And YES! I have been able to relax in my flaws…And He continues to show me “how great His affections are for me… OH, HOW HE LOVES US! HOW HE LOVES US SO!”

  2. Daniella

    Oh grace! The thing that I love best about grace is that I get to start over. Right now. It doesn’t matter that I had the worst attitude yesterday and fought with my husband and yelled at my kids. Because of grace, I get a do-over today, despite my flaws and shortcomings.

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Thanks, Dani. That is a beautiful example of grace. It is at those moments that we actually undestand grace best—when we need it. And, Marcie, your freedom in Christ is amazing to hear. I love it!

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