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What To Do When Your Schedule Doesn’t Go as Planned

when your schedule doesn't go as planned

Most days my schedule doesn’t go as planned. Interruptions are normal, but I’m learning to embrace them rather than resent the disruption.

God takes great delight in ordinary people like me who live normal, everyday lives. He loves to participate with us in our routine activities. He enjoys dialoguing with us about our daily life. Often the Spirit Holy will interrupt our day to use us to bring his love to other ordinary people.

Knowing that the Lord is attracted to our daily routines can set the stage for ministry to flow out of us and to the people we encounter on a daily basis. Most of the miracles Jesus performed happened as interruptions as He was going about the daily activities of His life:

Attending a wedding—Jesus turns water into wine.

Waiting by a well for lunch—he speaks a word of knowledge to a Samaritan woman and a whole village gathers to hear him teach.

Fishing—Jesus interrupts an unproductive fishing trip to fill an empty boat with fish.

Lunch break at a meeting—Jesus multiplies some bread and fish to feed thousands of hungry people.

Traveling from one place to another—Jesus heals a demoniac, heals 10 lepers, raises a widow’s son from the dead, and calms a storm.

During a home meeting—Jesus heals a man when the man’s friends lower him through the ceiling and into the meeting.

During a meal—Jesus forgives a woman who has committed a great wrong, heals a woman’s child, teaches, and dialogues with Zacchaeus who is so changed by the conversation that he gives his money to the poor.

We are simply ordinary people living everyday lives who impact our commonplace world because we know an extraordinary God.

How have you been alert to the interruptions of God in your daily routine?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Daniella

    What a good reminder! Walking as Jesus walked; embracing interruptions. I think I can do that!

  2. Diane Ramirez

    Wonderfully said Susan. We can easily become caught up in what we think we need to do and forget life around us. I think God gives us those little interruptions (I call them irritations as I don’t always welcome them) to remind us it’s not all about us!

    When those interruptions come my way I pout then I adjust my thinking and realize those interruptions are not forever!

    I also think Christians have a false notion that ministering can only take place at church; however, as Acts reminds us, “For in him we live and move and have our being,” and he moves in us according to his good and pleasing will. I do pray the eyes of my heart are open to his intended interruptions of my day.

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