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Don’t Lose the Wonder

What is the one thing that captured your wonder yesterday? Was it the fresh air that blew across your face as you stepped out your front door? Was it the quiet of the house as you went to bed? Did you encounter any wonder in your day?

So much of life is our handiwork—our accomplishments—our successes. We often miss the wonder tucked within our schedule and busy lives:

  • a child’s smile
  • the laughter of a friend
  • a teenager who does the dishes without being asked
  • a young couple learning to dance
  • an unexpected understanding from an unlikely source
  • the first show of green on an old rose bush

Psalm 89:5 reminds us that the heavens praise the wonders of the Lord. Why don’t we?

The heavens will give way to a new heaven and earth one day, but we will live for all eternity future.

Why should the heavens be more proficient at praising the wonder of the Lord than we are?

Don’t lose your wonder

I have decided that the heavens aren’t going to be the only thing praising the wonders of the Creator.

I’m determined to write one wonder each day in my journal. Care to join me? I dare you to say, “Wow God, you rock!” out loud each time you see a wonder this week.

What has captured your wonder today?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Daniella

    Yesterday, my family and I drove all over our new city, taking in the new sights, learning where important places are located. Driving around made us wonder at the stark vast beauty of our new desert home. The craggy red rocks, the jagged mountain peaks, the Saguaro cacti with their bright yellow flowers… it is a different beauty than we are used to, but breath-taking non the less.

  2. Kerin Clement

    I stopped in wonder this morning at the view of light fog blanketing the hills between here and Morro Bay.

  3. Heather

    My daughter Sadie.

  4. Donna

    Many wonders are obvious – the never-ending beauty of nature, having a daughter that likes me as well as loves me, a husband who loves me when I’m a mess, friends who don’t judge me. I will begin to try to see the wonder in more subtle things as well. Thank you, Susan!

  5. Mindy

    Did actually. How can I not w/all this great weather. They consist of my kids of course. Noah and Grace racing down the driveway into the dogs bed pillow. Judah trucking away on his li’l four wheeler, and Naomi drawing/eating chalk. I love days like this when we can all be outside just enjoying ALL of it.

  6. Susan Gaddis

    Thank you all for sharing your “wonder.” Today I found wonder in a sink full of dishes left by a son getting getting ready to move east. I’ll miss those dishes next week.

  7. Jeanette Morris

    Today I heard a thirteen-year-old girl with the voice of an angel sing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” from the altar area of the San Antonio Mission. It was wonder-ful in so many ways. When God’s gifts are returned, He is glorified. I think when we marvel at His wonders, God smiles.

  8. Ruth O Dea

    Thank you all for your thoughts on the beauty God gives us every day, but we just dont always stop to see.
    I was a choir today and we were practicing Shenandoah, we could hear the birds joining in from outside, through the open door…

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