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What Story Are You Living?

There are many scripts defining your life: The story you tell about yourself in your head. The story others tell about you or think about you. The story the enemy of your soul wants to create for you. But the story that matters is the one the Author of Life is writing for you. Which story are you living?

The easiest script to follow is the one running just below the surface of your thoughts. You know the one—“I’m not worthy.” “I’ve made a mistake AGAIN.” “I’m never going to be the person I really want to be.” Or perhaps it sounds like, “I deserve better than this.” “It’s not fair.” “It’s not my fault.” “If he would just change, my life would be better.”

Some choose to live the story others create for them. If you’re not careful, the expectations of your parents, spouse, kids, boss, or friends easily transcribes into your storyline.

A saga is often written by believing the opinions and judgments people place upon you. “You are difficult to live with.” “You can’t keep a job.” “You’re not a good parent.” People only see a facet of the complex person we really are, yet we tend to let their opinions define us.

The Destroyer of Souls creates his narrative for you based on the negative things you believe about yourself, whether gleaned from the story in your head or the things others think about you. The titles of Satan’s tales might read: The Good Wife, The Fugitive, Death Becomes Her, The Mother-In-Law, or Little House of Horrors.

You play a variety of roles in any of these stories—victim, hero, lost soul, damaged goods, villain, child, parent, or savior. Yet, none of these characters is really the starring role in the script God is writing for you.

God was writing your story before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). He is the author and finisher of your journey (Hebrews 12:2). God introduced your story when he intricately formed you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139). The place and time of your birth were purposely planned by him (Acts 17:26). The life script bearing your name contains such descriptions as pure, holy, and blameless (Ephesians 1). The exciting part waits to be given voice by you, but you have to step into the story.

Which story are you living? Share your journey with us in the comment section below.

Join me for coffee on Monday and we’ll talk about how to daily Step into Your Story.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis


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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Mc Chavez

    What freedom there is to be found in these truths…in Him alone!

  2. marcie

    beautifully said, susan. thank you for sharing your journey and story with me.

  3. Carolyn

    This is so good! There’s alot for us to think about here. My goal is to live the story that God is working in my life.

    There were times in earlier years where I was living someone else’s story for my life. I didn’t realize it and was satisfied with it.

    Then came a time when I knew there was more to life than to just please those around me. It stirred up some trouble and people that were close to me wondered ‘what happened to the old Carolyn’.

    Through the freedom I’ve received in Christ and the understanding He’s giving me through the reading of His Word, I am coming more and more to live the story that He is working in me! What freedom there is in that!!

  4. Kerin Clement

    This whole concept of true identity is something God has been unwrapping for me, slowly. Slowly can be frustrating but it is so because of His grace. If He unwraps it quickly, I won’t “get it” fully, will I?

    Thank for sharing, Susan. It encourages me on the journey. I love metaphoric teaching or lessons. Just learning to think and see life metaphorically is powerful in itself.

    Here’s a link of a segment of teaching from a conference some friends of mine attended. Goes well with your post.


  5. Susan Gaddis

    Thank you each for your comments. I do love hearing about other’s stories. Good link, Kerin. Thank you. And Carolyn, I’m excited to hear about your journey and how you stopped living the story that others were planning for you. It is true that when we stop living what others have planned for us it always causes confusion. They probably didn’t even realize they were doing it. Good thoughts you guys. Thanks.

  6. moira

    What a great topic Susan!!!!
    Exactly what we are discussing at the moment in our Home Group, and one which I wonder if we ever get TOTALLY right!!!!

    For me, it’s taking a life lived, to find out who I really am in God …. tossing out the LIES one by one and embracing the TRUTH about what God sees when He looks at me.

    I am still working on that image in the mirror, and looking at myself, the way God looks at me…..

    Of course perfection only belongs in Heaven, where we will see ourselves and each other in the true light…..longing for that DAY with YOU !!!

  7. James Silva

    I love what you had to say here Susan. I think it is easy to get to the point of freedom where you realize that you are truely the author of your own story and then decide to write whatever you want, almost like you can create your own purpose for living and if it sounds good enough when you tell people about it, then you must have done a good job.
    But as followers of Christ we must realize, and this is where I thought to did a great job, that there is one who created us and when He did so He knew what he made and what our purpose would look like, so it is to Him alone we must look to find what course our live should take.
    Love it.

  8. Susan Gaddis

    Moira, wish I was in your home group. It sounds like you have some lively discussions. (England is a little too far for me to drive.)

    How very true, James, that so many of us think that we are the author and finisher of our story and that validation cames from people. I think it takes a long time for most of us to throw those preconceptions out the window and to grab onto God as both our source and our confirmation for who we are. Thanks for your input.

  9. Catherine

    Hello, I was given your website by Mary Anderson. She is a wonderful mentor.

    I love that the Lord is the one writing the story. Just a week ago he shared this with me and I felt that it so goes along so well with your teaching:

    “We are the ink in God’s fountain pen. He writes our story through the trials and tribulations and lessons in life, they are tools in His hand, our lives speak out His name if we allow it. Let the ink flow like a river. Write your story in God’s hands. The ink flows in My hand, as I lead and guide it. You are the ink precious one. Allow my hand to guide you. You cannot flow if you look to the world for help. Look-up, here I Am. Rest In Me, Wait on Me. Fret Not. Stop when I stop. Go when I go. Look to me. The period at the end of the sentence means the end of that sentence in your life. I am the author of your life. I wrote the book. My heart beats after you. Follow my lead.

    Blessings to you

  10. Susan Gaddis

    Thank you for sharing that message, Catherine. It does fit in so well with the Lord writing our stroy. I loved the visuals it created in my imagination. Mary Anderson is an old friend and you are blessed to have her as a mentor. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear more from you in the future.

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