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How to Find the Holy When You Have a Cold

how to find the holy when you have a cold

Where does one find the Holy in the midst of the flu and cold season? Sickness is one of those times when holy doesn’t feel spiritual. However, here are 5 things you can do to get well soon and connect with the Holy:

1. Set the to-do list aside and give yourself permission to skip work. Unless you are Jack Bauer, the world will not end if you don’t get to work today.

2. Ask the family for help with the basic household duties. If the kids complain, go to plan B—use their college fund to hire a housekeeper.

3. Strive to keep your sense of humor. Attitudes are fragile when sickness hangs around and a little humor can preserve more than relationships. Studies show that humor promotes healing.

4. Drink lots of fluids and go to bed. Oh, and call your mother. Everyone needs a little mothering when they are sick.

5. The Great Physician has the best bedside manner. Let him minister to you even as you curl up on the couch. Play some quiet worship music and get some sleep.

What do you do to get well when you have a cold or the flu? I’d love to know as I’m still fighting this cold! Please leave your advice in the comment section below.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Brooks Thoman

    Great advice, Susan, and a good reminder that there is only one Jack Bauer!

  2. Mc Chavez

    1) I need to get my kids a college fund.
    2) Chuck Norris gets no mention here? Man, is he gonna be pissed.
    3) I wish I could make soup for everyone now. (It’s hard to keep a momma down.)
    4) Jesus knows and has thought of everything, including the stuff about praying for the sick and loving one another. The Triune God really is the Great Physician!

  3. Dolly

    So sorry you are under the weather, Susan. Your blog was adorable.
    Sorry, but I am fresh out of advice. Unfortunately, I have tried several remedies and am still coughing.

  4. Susan Gaddis

    Thanks for the comments, ladies. And, Dolly, please pass the Kleenex.

  5. Dolly

    Yes, the ones with that softening ingredient but don’t blow too hard.

  6. Kerin Clement

    My favorite thing to do when I am sick is to simply pray, “Lord, I receive.” There are some blessings which are more easily received in weakness than in strength.

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