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Beautifully Imperfect

Don’t miss the Holy in the imperfect. This short clip pulls back the curtain on the imperfections in your family so you may cherish what is precious.


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  1. marcie

    okay, that made me cry. I love you, my beautifully imperfect friend.

  2. Jeanette

    Oh my. After struggling to sleep (even with ear plugs in) next to a freight train last night, this really hit home. Me too, Marcie…I’m crying as well. I’m wondering how many have not taken the time to watch it and missed an important message. The woman in this touching scene is a class act.

    Thanks, Sue, for sharing this with me. I needed it.

  3. Lilly Green

    Touching . . .

  4. Dolly

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video.
    It is confirmation of just what I was feeling this week of my “perfect” husband.

  5. Lora Dawes

    Pass the kleenex my way. I hope I have her courage and authenticity if Wes dies before I do, and I speak at his memorial. I loved that she made everyone laugh in the midst of grief. You can bet they were laughing because they have their own explosions under the covers!

    Great video, Susan.

  6. Brooks Thoman

    Susan, thank you! What a beautiful video. With my beloved being gone the past ten days, all the times I’ve complained about his snoring have so quickly diminished. Thank God, my husband will be back in our bed with all of his sounds soon!

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