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Passionate to Worship the Lord of the Dance

There is something about figure skating that captures my desire to worship the Lord of the Dance.

Perhaps it is the smooth and flowing freedom of the dancers that speaks to me of unrestrained worship, or it could be the gracefulness of their moves upon the hard ice.

Whatever the reason, this call to worship the Lord mesmerizes me.

King David danced before the Lord with wild abandonment as he brought the ark of God back to Israel (see 2 Samuel 6:12-23).

As a public figure, you would think David might have practiced a little more restraint, yet his inhibitions stepped aside letting his passion for the Lord seize center stage.

Interestingly, David’s wife Michal didn’t appreciate his public display and a childless life became her destiny.

The Olympics draw passion out of participants and viewers.

We admire and cheer those who win medals. We weep the fallen.

We imagine ourselves doing things our bodies would never approve of, yet we secretly desire to express our passions with the disciplined wildness of the athletes who grace our TV screens.

Someday I plan to dance like an Olympic figure skater.

I will use all their wonderful movements set to worship music as I express my heart before the Lord of the Dance.

This isn’t physically possible with the body I currently own—weak ankles and old joints!

So for now, I do the next best thing—I put some worship music on the CD player, close my eyes, and use my imagination to unrestrainedly and gracefully dance before the Lord.

Not only does the Lord love it, but it is great practice for my future performance!

What do you think passionate worship looks like? Why do we resemble Michal more than we do David in our attitudes towards expressive worship? What are you noting from the passion of the Olympics? Add your thoughts in the comments section below.

Hugs, Susan Gaddis


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  1. Dani

    Last night, we watched my daughter dance in her grandparent’s living room with no music. She was lovely, in her two-year-old grace, bowing and spinning and looking serene. No one told her that she looked silly. I hope this is because I dance with my children at home; dance through chores, during play time, just because. I’m sure through our picture window to the street I look a little silly, but I’m not dancing for anyone else. Joy is released when my body praises my heavenly Father.

    There was a lady I grew up watching at church, and she was in her 80’s and would often dance down the aisles. I want to be like her when I’m 80.

  2. Jeanette Morris

    Growing up in a NO DANCING ALLOWED church (in and out of worship) ingrained a Michal-like restraint in me that forces my dancing into my imagination. I, too, LOVE watching Olympic figure skating and haven’t missed one minute of it this year. I’m fascinated by things I cannot do. During last night’s men’s finals, I admit to moments of disappointment. So many of them fell down or flubbed up their routine–lost their passion, energy, focus. Does God feel that way about me when I fail to put all my passion into worshipping Him? When I fall down, does he click his tongue–tsking at my sloppy show? No, he doesn’t. He is merciful, caring, always seeing me through His Son’s perfection. I wear a gold medal around my neck at all times because of Jesus. He gives me hinds feet on high places…my feet are on the Solid Rock. Let the games begin!

  3. Mc Chavez

    This is soo good, you guys…

  4. patsu

    I remember Kevin P dancing and playing at Anaheim to Lord of the Dance and people just ran to the front to dance with abandon!

    Also more special moments concerning dance. My Mother was raised in a Baptist church and she was not allowed to do a lot of things including dance. She totally encouraged my brother and myself to dance and we even both taught dancing.

    When she passed my husband heard her say, “Look I’m dancing now!” There is a lot of dancing in Heaven!

    1. Susan

      What wonderful memories, Patsu. I look forward to dancing with your mother someday!

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