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Please Pass the DNA

I have six little grandchildren in my life who carry my DNA. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to pass the baton of faith on to these little people. Good grandmas do things like that.

Shouldn’t I be teaching the Bible and praying with them when they come to visit? How will they acquire the DNA of God unless I cram spiritual truths into their heads and cookies into their mouths?

Usually about that time of feeling like the Grandma from Failureland, I’m caught up short by the Spirit Holy and reminded that it is I who need to accept the baton from their little hands. This is just one more principle of the Backward Kingdom that I am learning.

Jesus told us that unless we become like little children we cannot inherit the kingdom of God—we won’t have the DNA of God infused within. We seem to know the important things of the Kingdom when we are small, but such wisdom seeps out of us as we grow big enough to carry the cares of the world.

Here are three things I’ve observed about little children, but don’t see in adults:

Children don’t worry. I worry. My husband worries. My grandkids don’t worry.

Children dance everywhere they go. I walk or stumble along life’s highways and byways. Children dance across the floor, on top of the couch, under the table, up and down on Grandma’s bed, and into the kitchen where they ask for something to eat since they only ate 15 minutes ago and have used up all their calories dancing.

Children are directly honest with God.  I avoid certain conversations with God. My grandchildren don’t seem to have that problem. One morning while cooking breakfast, my daughter Kati heard her three year old, Adelaide, strongly say, “Jesus!” She heard her again, “Jesus!” Turning around, Kati saw Adelaide looking at the ceiling as she announced a third time, “Jesus! You need to get down here right now! I need to talk to you!”

Maybe Jesus isn’t the only one Adelaide needs to talk to. Perhaps she can teach me to dance again. Anyone care to join us?

In Him Together, Susan Gaddis


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  1. Dani

    Beautiful! So true about kids getting the Kingdom much better than we can. Although I still find myself wanting to dance in the rain… maybe I should just do it!

  2. Nancy Grantham

    My biggest problem was to come to the realization that my grandchildren had a holy spirit and that I wasn’t it. I finally realized that my “job” was to love them with all of my heart, no matter what, and not to worry about them. God does that for me. Every morning in my prayers I pray for God to bless, love, and protect them, and then I leave them up to the greatest protector of all. I can’t help give advise that I have learned from God when they ask, but other than that, I just love them.

  3. Susan Gaddis

    Good words, Nancy. I love your comment that “I wasn’t it.” So true, and yet we older folks tend to forget what is and isn’t our responsibility in another’s life, especially little lives. Prayer, love, trust, and setting an example can accomplish far more then we realize. Somehow those activities open doors for our kids and grandkids where they feel comfortable asking questions of us. Thanks for the input.

  4. lyn

    I want to dance!!! Timely word my friend.

  5. Kerin Clement

    What a beautiful, timely word of encouragement. Thanks, Susan.
    And, yes, I’ll learn to dance with you!

  6. Pam Martinez

    I think your observations are a great reminder. WE NEED KIDS.
    I used to dance around as a kid…usually with some flowing piece of material around me or in my hands. I’m going to try doing it again…Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Lisa Z

    Great post – Backward kingdom – our world is broken and God’s way is so opposite! I was picturing you running across the couch and pirouetting… 🙂
    Kids, yep they’ve got it…. may we all help them stay childlike and in turn become more trusting of Him.

  8. Susan Gaddis

    Well, we’ve got a dancing team! Lisa, I loved your picture of me, but I don’t think I can actually pull that one off–the couch is too old. I’d probably sink my feet into its deeply worn springs. 🙂

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