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Morning Work Prayer

May the Three who created,

The Father who thought it,

The Word who spoke it,

The Spirit who danced over it,

Move in and through me this day,

To think as He thinks,

To speak as He speaks,

To dance as He dances,

Throughout my chores and business,

In the duties that are so ordinary—revealing the Faithful One.

In the demands of those I serve—mirroring the Servant.

In my cleaning and my cooking—echoing the Song.

This day and everyday,

May I be a reflection of the Three-One,

Who created all and sustains all.

              © 2008 by Susan Gaddis

I share this simple example of a Celtic Trinity prayer as a way of introducing this week’s focus on Celtic Christianity. Next week I will be conducting a three part interview with Liz Babbs, author of Celtic Treasure and an authority on Celtic Christianity. I invite you to journey with me over these next two weeks into one of my favorite realms of discovering the Holy in the daily.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis


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  1. Dani

    What a beautiful prayer for the simple things of a daily life. Learning to pray through chores is something that I am challenged with, because I seem to still have a very whiny teenager in my brain who avoids chores at all costs. Praying through chores keeps me focused on Who I’m doing all of this work for. Thank you for a great example, Susan!

    And I am SO thrilled that you are going to delve deeper into Celtic Christianity! It is one of my favorite topics!!

  2. Frannie

    I love this prayer Susan! It reflects the journey that I am on and it encourages me to continue pressing on, even though life is hard and the road is becoming harder.

  3. Kerin Clement

    This is so beautiful, and timely! I printed it up and have posted it by the kitchen sink. It will probably also go up on the bathroom mirror. I am looking forward to the next two-week journey with you.

  4. Mary

    This is one my favorites!

  5. Susan Gaddis

    Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts. The prayer is very real for me and helps me put my focus in the right direction. I too hear that “whiny teenager” in my mind at times, Dani, and I’m much older then you.

    Fran, we’ll press on together and drag Mary with us. 🙂

    Kerin, I don’t know if anyone has every posted a prayer of mine by the kitchen sink or bathroom mirror (except my mother). I’m honored! If I make it to the refrigerator door, I’m family, right?

  6. Moira Smith

    LOOKING forward to the weeks ahead Susan…..as I have been blessed by the weeks behind….
    With gratitude and thanks…Moi Moi

  7. Lilly Green


  8. Teri Sisemore

    Hi Susan,

    I agree with the ladies! This is a simple yet beautiful prayer. It is Practicing the Presence of God throughout the day. It is remembering Him and acknowledging Him in all my ways regardless of what I am doing. To think as He thinks. To speak as He speaks. To dance as He dances! I especially like that one! To be fully present to Him as I think, speak, work and dance my way though the day! I love it! Thanks so much, Susan, for sharing this. Blessings to you, sister! ~ Teri Sisemore

    1. Susan Gaddis

      So glad it resinated with you, Teri. Perhaps we’ll all dance together someday at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. 🙂

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