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Final Interview Segment With Liz Babbs, Author of Celtic Treasure

Today is the final segment of my interview with Liz Babbs, author of Celtic Treasure and fellow pilgrim on the path of Celtic spirituality. Liz is the author of ten books and four CDs. Many of her books have been translated into other languages.

Liz, the Celtic Christians were known for their love of the Creator and his creation. This was reflected in their art and worship. Can you tell us how this has influenced your relationship with the Lord?

Creativity is a gift given to us by our Creator Father and so is a part of our spiritual health and well being. Taking time alone with God as Jesus did, fuels my passion, directs my creativity and deepens my relationship with God. I’m so fortunate that being single means that I have the freedom to travel. I love visiting places for great natural beauty or of religious significance, because this allows my spirit to soar into God’s presence, without the baggage of everyday life.

I have written poems in Wordsworth’s garden in the Lake District, whilst sailing round the Scottish Isles and many of the prayers in Celtic Treasure were written on Lindisfarne. The prayer “Lord make me an island,” in the last post was written on St Cuthbert’s—the tidal island alongside Lindsifarne, where St Cuthbert had his prayer cell.

You have written other books on Celtic Christianity. Can you share with us a little bit about them?

My first Celtic gift book was The Celtic Heart (Lion 2003) and remains my best-seller to date. This color gift book is slimmer than Celtic Treasure but has a free CD of original Celtic music in the back. I’m amazed by how popular this book and CD have been. Churches have used the material in outreach for healing services, sacred spaces etc. Even my local gym uses the music and reads out sections from it during relaxation classes!

You’ll see several Liz Babbs videos on YouTube that have used material from my book and CD together with visuals and these have been used in alternative services, Cafe church, for the Alpha course etc. The Celtic Heart has even been translated into German where it is called Oase des Friedens. In the next few months I plan to work on a music and spoken word down-loadable album to accompany Celtic Treasure.

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Thank you, Liz, for giving us a window into a part of Christianity that is little known or explored. We’ve appreciated your guided tour. Keep up with Liz at her website and her Unearthing the Riches of Celtic Spirituality blog.

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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    Thank you, Susan and Liz, for doing this series! Wonderful!

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