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Finding the Holy in the daily isn’t always inspirational. Sometimes it is just what we do.

A man named Cornelius lived in the first century as a centurion with the Italian regiment stationed in Caesarea. His reputation among the Jews of the area was that of a righteous man who prayed and gave to the poor.

Even better, Cornelius had the reputation in heaven of being a man of prayer who gave to the poor. An angel told Cornelius that his actions of prayer and helping the poor had come before the Lord as a memorial.  This  is rather surprising because Cornelius wasn’t Jewish; yet, he had a wonderful reputation in heaven—a memorial, if you will.

Here’s the catch—do I have a reputation of being a praying person who gives to the poor? Is that my reputation in heaven? Do I have a memorial there? Do you?

Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us—they are a daily part of our lives, whether we acknowledge them or not. They are also where we can find the Holy on any given day.

It seems to me that giving to the poor might be a good idea for those desiring to be well spoken of in heavenly places as well as on earth—take it from Cornelius, a man who helped change the world. (You can read about him in Acts 10.)

What practical things have you found to do that help the poor?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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