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Holy Moments

golden leafed tree on a post by Susan Gaddis

Holy moments are just that—moments when the Holy touches your life and then is gone.

I had a moment like that earlier this week. I watched my favorite, old tree turn golden as the morning sun warmed the day. The leaves danced to the ground like falling snow.

My golden, morning moment came and went. By the end of the week my tree looked ready for winter—naked and cold.

God is like that—casting his glow over my day and then letting me feel the bite of winter. Without the winter, I wouldn’t notice the glory of the golden leaves.

What have been your holy moments of golden leaves saved up for winter’s cold?

In Him together, Susan Gaddis

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  1. Cathy Davis

    My holy moment came last night. We got together with old friends. In recent years we haven’t been very close all though we have a lot of history. Last night our souls and spirits were reunited. For me this relationships is one of the most holy gifts we have.

  2. Susan Gaddis

    How interesting—I had a moment like that last Friday when I met with five friends from childhood. Most of them I had not seen for many, many years. The years melted away as we shared old times and caught each other up on the years that have shaped our lives since. And yes, we did make some new memories just sitting around the table laughing and musing. Cathy, what you stated about these relationships being one of the most holy gifts we have is really true. Thank you for pointing that out.

  3. mary

    Perfect post! Beautiful and poignant.

  4. Jeremy Sizemore

    My holy moment came with a facebook conversation I have been having with a friend. We have been working out our salvation in fun and meaningful conversation around life, theology, and our experiences. I quickly found myself writing to myself and Christ in addition to my friend. I then realized that Christ was also writing through me to my own heart… simple and complex at the same time…. a holy moment.

    Thank you for your post… helps me recognize Christ in life… He is all over the place, waiting to be discovered.


  5. Melody

    Feeling the love I have for my soon-to-be-adopted son gives me a new perspective on the love of Christ for us as His adopted children.

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